In slavic countries, in the countries of Scandinavia, North America, Central and Eastern Europe, house-building was originally wooden. At the same time, wood has always had a number of advantages compared to stone and, later, brick housing construction - it is warm in winter and cool in summer in wooden houses, and due to the unique microclimate in a wooden house, it is always free and easy to breathe, the material for their production has always been nearby. Houses of hand-cutting are the oldest, proven method of building wooden houses, which has come down to us practically unchanged.

Natural wood, or actually a tree trunk, was the first material used to build houses. Only the strongest part of a trunk, i.e. the middle one, was used to build wooden houses. Initially, the top and the rootstock of a cut tree, all the branches and brushwood were simply removed to get building materials. Wood was not treated in any other way: elementary “cups” were cut in logs and, produced in this way, they were immediately arranged in timber sets. Natural materials, mostly ordinary moss, were used as heat insulation of such houses.

But as the time passed, builders got aware that a more careful approach had to be employed to build stronger and warmer wooden houses. Tree trunks with the right sizes and properties only started to be used for building purposes with bark being removed manually and more perfect grooves, “cups” being cut.

Over centuries, the wooden house building technology did not practically change and true wooden blockhouses continue to be built manually by skilled specialists in this way today. This technology is simple, but requires certain knowledge and completion of all the wooden house building stages. Everyone knows that the trunk of any tree has a form of a truncated cone, which means that one of its ends is thicker than the other one. For this reason, timber sets are arranged so that the butter end alternates with the top of the log, as a result of which walls are flat with no deformation. Naturally, chinks emerge in the process of manually building a log house because tree trunks have uneven surfaces, but they are blocked up. Once the walls are finished, the house roof is put up.

The modern wooden house building technology has changed only in terms of modern wood processing and logging methods just as finished blockhouse treatment methods. Standards of building wooden log houses have changed to some extent as well.

A possibility to build a house on one site and put it up on another one has been an important achievement in modern blockhouse construction. At present, technological equipment used to build wooden houses from manually cut logs permits to produce a full set of logs and a roof by fitting them on the company’s construction site where wooden houses are designed and built. Actually, a house is fully assembled here. Once a blockhouse is finished, it is disassembled and transported to the site where it will be installed. Wooden log houses are installed on the site within very short time periods; after their external and internal decoration works are finished they are ready to be used! More and more companies are presently offering to build a wooden house on a turnkey basis. Such houses do not even have to “naturally settle” and their owners can start living in them practically without delay.

Various house building technologies permitting to build quality wooden houses are used today. They include panel, frame houses, houses from regularized round timbers, houses from laminated timbers, and log houses, or manually made blockhouses. The manually made log house building technology has always been and will always be the best one. This is how we build Finnish wooden houses. Our company creates elite and cheap new wooden houses, just countryside or summer houses, as well as bath houses.

Manually made wooden houses and bath houses are characterized by their resistance to the environment and longevity as manual treatment permits to preserve a protective wood layer.

What wooden house building technology is used by our craftsmen?

Our company has been designing wooden houses and bath houses and has been successfully building them for many years. We mainly build manually made log houses on a turnkey basis, as a result of which our customers have no concerns as to additional decoration costs when a wooden house is built.

We use freshly cut logs with the natural humidity and a diameter ranging from 300 to 400 mm and more to build blockhouses or bath houses: this is how the wall thickness optimal for Ukrainian climate conditions is obtained. Blockhouses from logs are made in a fully manual way and are perhaps the most complicated and time-consuming house building technology. Selected and calibrated wood is used to build a wooden house or a bath house and then bark is removed from logs, which are left to slightly dry, chiseled, then cup grooves are chosen, polished and treated with a plane: all these operations are carried out manually.

In the process of manual operations using an axe or a special pickaxe, the upper and softest layer of wood (sap wood) is carefully removed, in some cases strictly according to annual rings, which makes it possible to preserve the natural strength, heat endurance, and structure of wood as much as possible.

Naturally, chinks are formed when logs are set, so natural lax is put between logs. Craftsmen fit every log to the previous one so as to improve the house quality to the maximum extent. On our website, you can even find photos of how wooden blockhouses are built according to the methods used by our company.

Wooden blockhouses made from planed logs on a turnkey basis have quite a particular appearance as all the logs have a different diameter  and, when assembled, alternate according to the top and bottom principle. Bath houses made of planed logs are particularly good as logs in bath houses endure high temperatures and regular humidity changes. It must be mentioned that we have a particularly careful approach to construction of bath blockhouses. Our bath blockhouses are developed by our best craftsmen as a bath house must have its special properties and qualities differing from an ordinary house.

What are the advantages of wooden houses?

Naturally, a lot of modern materials, which are inexpensive, strong, and simple in work, are used nowadays to build houses. But wooden houses, the building technology of which has remained unchanged for centuries, is attracting more and more people. So why are they so attractive and why is a warm wooden house with a half-storey getting one of the most popular countryside buildings?

  1. Beautiful wooden houses, blockhouses create an ideal environment for living: the air is clean and fresh and optimal humidity is maintained in them. Resin wood contains is preserved in it for many years and sometimes even goes out to the surface; it is characterized by phytoncide properties, so the air penetrating the house through wood fibers is filtered by them and cleaned from various malignant microbes. In addition, a pleasant scent of resin of coniferous trees has a calming and invigorant effect on a human body.
  2. Manually made walls of wooden blockhouses literally breathe! As a result of the natural air circulation ensured by natural wood, no air-conditioning systems need to be installed in wooden houses. Such houses are free from any humidity or mold – only healthy and clean air.
  3. Relative humidity in a wooden blockhouse is practically optimal for a human body: 40-60%. And such humidity is maintained on a regular basis and does not depend on any weather changes.
  4. An important quality of a private wooden house is the fact that its walls have excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which are even several times higher than that of brick walls. The low thermal conductivity of a blockhouse makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is the type of best individual wooden houses our company builds using environmentally friendly Carpathian wood.
  5. Wood used to manually build blockhouses is treated only manually with hand knives. This makes it possible to preserve the natural protective characteristics of wood and its natural appearance to the maximum extent. As a result, a wooden house looks natural from the inside as much as possible. The wooden house interior is unique as the pattern of the structure of each tree is individual. The interior finishing works of a blockhouse are carried out by using environmentally friendly natural materials based on bee wax and oils.
  6. Given their structure and technology used, wooden blockhouses are characterized by wonderful seismic resistance and can resist a 9 point earthquake.
  7. Beautiful Canadian log houses are well fit practically in any landscapes as they are part of nature. We can even state that wooden houses represent the true nature, which is beyond time and fashion. Styles and trends in stone building change, but wood remains unchanged and in the future stone houses will become outdated while blockhouses will stay for centuries.

It can seem to some people that wooden houses are archaic and unable to provide full comfort for living in them unlike modern stone buildings. In fact, this is not true. Modern wooden houses offer all the necessary comfort: fireplace, parquet flooring, cable television, heating system, water supply and sewage system, Jacuzzi, and many other things associated with a comfortable lifestyle. A wooden house design depends completely on you, your lifestyle and inner state of mind!

People often refuse to build wooden houses believing that they are more inflammable than, for example, brick ones. In fact, well designed electrical networks and compliance with structural requirements in the process of installing heating stoves and fireplaces will make a house safe and protect it against fire. Any house can catch fire due to failure to comply with fire safety rules, and not because of its wall inflammability. Even if you try it, you will be unable to set a wooden wall on fire using ordinary things, you will just have it carbonized.

Elite wooden log houses and even economy class wooden houses can survive for centuries without exaggeration, remaining attractive, comfortable and reliable. The only thing to be remembered is that a wooden house is to be properly maintained to exist perpetually. As new technology is available today, there are many possibilities to maintain a wooden house in a good condition for a long time period. Although our company builds and decorates countryside wooden houses at a moderate price, we use coatings and joint sealing compounds produced by the world’s leading manufacturers in the wooden house protection area. Wood is a very strong and perennial material. It is common knowledge that wooden blockhouses can exist for several centuries and, as the time passes, they become even stronger under its unique effect.

It should be noted that the wood service life often depends on the effect of water, but this does not mean that wood may not be humid. On the contrary, wood and water normally coexist quite peacefully. Wood is a water absorbing material, so it naturally absorbs and returns humidity, adapting to the environment. Wood can safely absorb a lot of water without reaching the levels of humidity when a good environment for microorganisms damaging wood is created.

Single-floor wooden log houses and bath houses are particularly demanded today. Many companies in Ukraine offer this service, but only Chalet can state with full confidence that our manually made wooden houses and bath houses are better. We guarantee that they will make you and your family happy for many years offering you their warmth and comfort. We build countryside wooden houses and bath houses at a moderate price as all the building stages from logging to decoration are completed only by our craftsmen. Our company offers blockhouses and bath houses created according to individual designs or typical ones, and we stake our life on the high quality of our every project. You can find pictures of economy class and elite countryside wooden houses on our website and see their modest, exquisite beauty and quality.

The cost of wooden blockhouse depends on the design complexity and type, materials to be used to build it, and also the distance between the assembly site and the building site. The cost of building log blockhouses includes no unnecessary items, so we build quality wooden houses on a turnkey basis at the lowest prices in Ukraine. We try to find an individual approach to each customer of our company, listen to his wishes and take them into account in the building process. Of course, the prices of building wooden log houses and cottages in Kyiv will slightly differ from prices in other cities, but this difference will be absolutely insignificant. The prices of wooden houses in Kyiv are primarily determined by the factor that Kyiv is the capital.

By ordering blockhouses from our company, you can be confident that we will be able to build a wooden house on a turnkey basis at the price that will be considerably lower than that offered by our competitors.

We cannot immediately answer the unambiguous question of how much a bath blockhouse cost as the cost of its construction just as construction of a blockhouse depends on many factors. But you can be confident that no unnecessary items will be included in the costs of our highest quality bath blockhouses!

By ordering a service of building a wooden house or a bath blockhouse from our company, you can be confident that a house or a bath house from natural wood will offer you part of nature, a good mood and health for many years!