“We carefully select each tree, listening to the stories it holds and respecting the life it has lived. From such trees we create a dwelling, as beautiful and durable as these trees, and we live in their warm embrace, in a space called home.

Joela DeVillier

Vitaly Dulkay
tel.: +38 067 310 2696

Representation Eastern Europe
Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary

For 17 years, Chalet’s craftsmen have been preserving and developing the culture and traditions of building from wood, producing blockhouses from coniferous trees solely manually with minimum wood treatment and using only hand tools. Every blockhouse is produced so as to make it unique just as every integral tree it is made of is unique.

  • The Chalet project is incorporated in a group of companies with Canadian and American capital in Ukraine, implementing projects related to finance, construction, and real property.
  • Our company’s reliability and reputation is proved by the feedback of our customers and completed works. We will be happy to show you our finished works and present you to our customers. A wooden blockhouse needs to be properly used and maintained and everything we build is covered with a 2 year warranty. We provide post-warranty maintenance and, as necessary, consult and answer your questions.
  • We are the only company in Ukraine, which uses the blockhouse building standards and methods of the International Log Builder’s Association. The quality of our work is guaranteed by the use of global experience in manual construction of blockhouses developed by the Association.
  • Blockhouses are produced solely on our company’s site (Zakarpattia Region, Khust District) properly equipped for processing wood and assembling a blockhouse as each log in a house can be up to 12 meters long and weigh more than a ton.
  • We select every tree on our own only in the mountain areas of the Carpathians where wood is very dense and we can be confident about its quality. You can see the wood density of each log on your own as wood does not lie. The use of logs of up to 12.5 m long and 35 to 60 cm. thick, 50 to 100 years old, enables us to produce blockhouses keeping warm and having proper architectural proportions.
  • We use fir trees as the source material, which is more demanded than pine trees in the global market. Fir trees have a number of advantages in terms of their color, heat, structural specifics of a house.
  • Our craftsmen were trained by craftsmen of France and Slovakia.
  • Although it is more time-consuming and longer, the Canadian cutting method practically rules out any chinks when a house shrinks.
  • Wood processing with special hand knives preserves its natural protective properties and the natural appearance of wood in your house interior as much as possible.
  • High quality natural flax only is used to provide heat insulation of blockhouses.
  • Internal finishing works in a blockhouse are carried out by using environmentally friendly materials based on oil and bee wax.
  • Blockhouse coating and sealing compounds used are made by global wooden house protection leaders.
  • We provide assistance in sketching a land plot and designing a house.
  • If necessary, we will produce a blockhouse on a turnkey basis by engaging reliable and qualified partners specialized in building wooden houses.
  • Every blockhouse is built by one team of craftsmen that will assemble it on your site. Every element of the blockhouse, every log is unique and cannot be replaced with any other log!

Technology and skills in processing wood enable us not to just produce blockhouses, but also make many other items and elements using integral trees: wooden roofs (wood lath, shingle), gazebos, tables, gates, fences, bridges, signs, and, of course, bath houses. Building wooden houses requires knowledge and experience.