“A man possesses a lot, he desires a lot, but among all the blessings of life, only the following are valuable: an old wood for a firebox, an old wine for drinking, old friends for pastime and old books for reading. Everything else is nonsense."

King of Castile Alphonse X

A very quiet voice can be sometimes heard deep in our soul. We normally do not know what it tells us, but we guess that something is happening. This is a voice of nature and our past, which makes us return to what is inherent in humans: fresh air, clean water, keeping far away from civilization and artificial materials, to dwellings where our soul can rest – to wooden blockhouses.

In Europe, wood has been one of the main building materials since its civilization emerged, so the construction of log houses has an old history. At first, they appeared in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe around 3,000 years ago; later blockhouses began to be built in North America as well. Since they were invented, technology and skills used to build blockhouses have upgraded, but the material each wall of a house was made of remained the same. A wooden log house has been considered one of the best ones since ancient times. Not long ago, builders tried to give up using natural wood and to replace it with concrete, bricks, and other materials. But nowadays more and more people are getting aware that wooden houses are much more advantageous due to their practical, safe, and beautiful structure made of most modern materials. Small wooden houses and summer houses are particularly popular.

All the modern wooden houses are externally and internally attractive, safe, and environmentally friendly. Private wooden houses are always cozy and comfortable at any time of the year. At present, wooden houses in Ukraine are becoming more and more popular and demanded and we are happy that our company Chalet can offer its services in this field. Today many companies offer to buy a wooden house, but we can build a wooden house for you according to any design! Good feedbacks of our customers make us confident that we build the best wooden houses in Kyiv and many other cities across Ukraine.

In present-day construction technology wood practically always undergoes mechanical treatment: it is made cylindrical by using machine tools, sawn and stuck together into a beam, after which timber frames of houses are put up. Each technology has its own advantages and specifics, but wood fully preserves its nature only in one case: in houses of manually made wood. This is the way the most wonderful, beautiful, and respectable wooden houses in Canada, the USA, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Eastern Europe are built. Blockhouses originating from the Swiss Alps, i.e. chalets, have been particularly widespread. Wooden chalets are characterized by very overhung roof canopies, which give a chalet a certain pastoral motive. Chalet cottages can have one or several floors. Both wood and rock can be used to build the ground floor of a chalet with multiple floors. But our company uses solely wood, namely the highest quality one, to build chalets. Our company has been building chalets for many years and, therefore, our specialists are able to create for you the best chalet cottage, the warmth and comfort of which will make you happy for many years. Following the ancient traditions, Chalet (Chalet Log Homes) builds log houses (Kyiv), bath houses, gazebos, garden furniture, landscape design elements, and many other products manually. Various blockhouse cutting methods are used to build wooden houses. We use only the Canadian cutting method, which makes it possible to fully preserve the natural beauty of wood. This wooden blockhouse building method is deemed the best one among all other currently known methods. Log fitting is highly accurate and the cup is made trapezoidal so as to avoid any space between logs even after many years of using wooden cottages. The Canadian cutting method used in the construction and decoration of wooden houses makes thermal insulation completely hidden and walls inside houses look like a compact block. The Canadian cutting method makes it possible to preserve a natural form of a log in the process of building wooden cottages and houses. All of this permits us to build most comfortable and beautiful wooden houses.

Building a true blockhouse and wooden log houses is a science and involves centuries of experience. Chalet’s professionals are ready to share their knowledge and experience so that your beautiful and warm wooden house could make you and your descendants happy for many years with its coziness and comfort.

Enjoy living in a house with the scent of the forest

Chalet’s main specialization consists in building solely wooden houses and bath houses, namely manually made blockhouses. Our niche specialization enables us to be one of the best companies in what we do, i.e. building wooden blockhouses. We offer the following services associated with the construction of wooden houses and bath houses:


  • Designing and building wooden houses. Just as any other material, wood has specifics both when it comes to building and designing processes. This is about the esthetics of blockhouses, building canons, a combination of wooden building technologies and modern building solutions, structural specifics of designing blockhouses from single sticks. Individual wooden houses designed and built by our specialists according to original wooden house designs are distinctive and original. In blockhouse designs we try to fulfill our customer’s wishes as much as possible and take into account our multiyear experience in building high quality blockhouses at the same time. Blockhouse designs are not necessarily individual. If you need a small summer house or just a countryside house for leisure, we are always ready to offer you many variants of typical blockhouse designs, according to which we will create blockhouses for you on a turnkey basis. And blockhouses built according to complete log house designs will not be inferior to customized ones in terms of their coziness, comfort, and quality, but typical log houses commissioned on a turnkey basis are less expensive to some extent. Once a design of a blockhouse from logs is approved by a customer, we start producing it. Wooden log houses, including blockhouses on a turnkey basis, are made on our building site where wood is harvested and processed. As our blockhouse design, production, and assembly process is a single process run by one company, we are confident about the quality of our works.
  • Building log bath houses. Designing and building wooden bath houses is always a special event for us. In Kievan Rus, a bath house used to be a special place where a person washed away all that was bad with hot water and steam. This is why a log bath house construction is a special process requiring knowledge and attention at all of its stages. Log bath houses continue to be very popular today. Many owners of countryside wooden houses believe that they must have a real bath house. Ordering a log bath house from our company, you will get a beautiful original facility made of the best Carpathian wood, decorated with carvings and other decorative elements, and characterized by its environmental friendliness. It is impossible to answer the question: “How much does a blockhouse cost?”. The cost of wooden houses built by our company depends considerably on the chosen designs of wooden cottages, their surface area, on whether wooden houses are delivered on a turnkey basis. But we can state with confidence that we offer the most democratic prices. If a customer wants to have the cost of a wooden house reduced to some extent, we are always happy to offer him/her good variants of finished blockhouses. By the way, you can find beautiful photos of blockhouses produced by our craftsmen on our website. Apart from building wooden blockhouses and bath houses, we also produce real wooden roofs. Manually made wooden roofing materials (clapboard, wood lath, shingle) have a multiple century history. Clapboard is valued in construction due to its environmental friendliness, a wonderful appearance, and an excellent combination with any type of beautiful wooden houses. We make clapboard only by splitting wood along fibers, having them naturally dried, and, if necessary, treating them in solutions that prolong the wooden roof service life; in this way, a customer gets a material characterized by its longevity and naturalness. Clapboard is installed by specialists that know the specifics of installing wooden roofs of log blockhouses. Building wooden houses and cottages, we try to collect all the best information on how to decorate the interiors of wooden houses, designer solutions, a combination of various natural materials and wood carving. We do our best to apply all such knowledge to all our designs of wooden houses and cottages when building wooden houses on a turnkey basis. We build wooden houses in Kyiv and other cities all over Ukraine, and the prices of our wooden houses and bath houses depend on the future construction site. By ordering wooden houses from our company, you get an environmentally friendly, warm, cozy, and comfortable house that will be your favorite place of residence or leisure.